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14 Carrots - super short film

Apply, find out more info and follow the progress of the making of the film.


We are searching for Male & Female actors to be in our new comedy super short.

We have positons currently open for our Super Short Comedy film. This is where you can view the production's status and apply for roles.


September 29th, 2015

Auditions are currently closed. 

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Current Events

10th October, 2015

Script Finalised *

The script has been finalised, we are now working on reopening Auditions and scheduling in shooting dates.

29th October to November

Scripting and Scheduling

14 Carrots is being finlised in scripting, but we are in the stage to start looking for talent for the new comedy short.

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We are looking for a Lead Actress & Actor who will be a couple in a vehicle who will have a short light argument. Our preference for this role will be looking for traits that will compliment either our lead male or female (Depending who we find first).


There is no major requirements needed other the couple is preferably aged between 20 - 35.


The Audition time, dates and location will be released once the scripting and scheduling has been finalised. Please be patient and we will inform you once we have gone through applicants.

The following criteria is prefered, but does not mean you will be exempt from the Role if you do not meet all requirements.

Height: 5" - 6"
Age: 18 - 35
Build: Any
Hair Type: Any

Well... theoretically you can't audition here, but this is where you choose your role and send through an application. Once a date is set for filming and we have aquired a number of applicants we will hold auditions. But for now, please fill out this form and we will keep you in the loop with Auditioning and also provide you with all the updates on the production progress.


It is late notice but we have a time and a venue set for auditions. Check out the detailsd below for the venue times and requirements.









This is the script of the film. We have made it available for actors to download and reherse their lines. We will have it available once we have locked in suitable times.




Add your details below and send it through. We will get back to you that we have scheduled you for the audition and then follows the details above.

Special Features
Acting experience

There is no acting experience required for this role as we want to open it up to as many applicants as possible, but of course any previous experience will give you a leg up in the Auditioning process.

For the lead role, we don't require you to have comedic traits even though it is a comedy. The story itself will be the punch line ;)



You will be required to supply your own transport from and to the set. which is T.B.A. Current choice locations are close to Osborne Park, WA.



Hair & Makeup will have to be done by the talent.



Costumes will also need to be provided by you. We will inform you of the basics in what we are after, but it will be casual clothes.



*This role is unpaid.

At this stage the role is unpaid, but we plan on bringing more shorts in the future that will hopefully create a following and lead to paid roles. We will supply drinks and food during filming and keep filming tight, so not to draw out the day. This is a great opportunity to boost your acting profile as we are open for you to use this short as a smaple for your showreel. For examples of a similar style, refer to our Supercheap Auto commercial as a reference to the short's style. HERE

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