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Welcome to Home Grow'n a Permaculture Retrofit Series.

This series follows Perth couple, Craig and Regina's journey as they turn their 1970's suburban property into a self-sufficient forever-home using Permaculture Design with the ambitious challenge to grow their own food, capture their own water and produce their own energy in the middle of suburbia. With the ultimate goal to work with nature and live as sustainably as possible in suburbia.


Regina & Craig,
Jet and Matchstick.






What we aim to achieve

We plan to transform our 900sqm weed-ridden block into a food-forest, Permaculture oasis that will grow its own fresh food, generate it's energy and capture its own water.

We hope by documenting our journey from scratch, will inspire people to live sustainably by showing what is possible in our own backyards.​

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Transforming our 900m2 block


Live Event
26 Aug 2022, 5:30 pm AWST
Join us as we launch episode 10! It's been four months since we started retrofitting a house into our sustainable home and to celebrate we are showcasing how the garden has transformed since we began.

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EP #4: Making Simple No Dig Veggie Beds | Home Grow'n

EP #4: Making Simple No Dig Veggie Beds | Home Grow'n

Our Sustainable Journey |. A Permaculture Retrofit Series In episode 4 of Home Grow'n, we create No Dig Veggie beds to prepare for planting our vegetable gardens. We also get solar installed on the roof which will power the house from the sun and it's Kambarang season in the Noongar calendar, which means the hot dry days are coming. So, Craig gets to work carving out the veggie beds to prepare for planting. No Dig is a method of gardening which involves not turning of the soil when planting vegetables. By not breaking the soil, we preserve the microbiology in the soil which in turn makes the soil more healthy and rich with life which feeds the plants that we grow. No dig gardening can be done in numerous ways, but we create beds using the sheet mulching method which consists of manure, cardboard and hay or wood chips. To watch episodes and more go to : SUPPORT US BY DONATING 0:00 Skip Intro 0:32 Episode #4 Intro: Getting Solar Panels 3:20 Kambarang Noongar Season in the garden 4:47 Making simple Circle Veggie Beds 5:06 How to stop veggies burning in a hot dry climate 6:29 Making Simple No Dig Veggie Beds 7:35 How to fix root bound and hydrophobic plants in pots 9:03 Marking out Veggie Circles 9:42 Making your veggie beds more efficient with circles 11:16 Marking out Veggie Circles Cont'd 11:54 Adding biology to the soil with manure to grow veggies 12:39 Sheet Mulching with Cardboard and Paper 16:59 Using fruit trees to shade Vegetables 18:56 Using the right mulch to grow fruit trees and vegetables 20:27 Using Hay or straw to grow veggies PRODUCED BY DOGS GO WOOF PRODUCTIONS

Support us by donating

Help us continue the journey. We love making these episodes and we hope we can continue to do so into the future, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make it all happen. From editing to maintaining equipment and internet services; they are all costs to producing the series and we dedicate time to pay for to make it happen.  You can help us by donating, so we can spend more time making episodes and less time working off the costs  - which means more episodes for you!

As a way of thanking you, we will also will give you access to exclusive content that is only available to donors. To gain access please click the donate button and make a donation.

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