Supercheap Auto - Commercial

Check out our latest production all polished and finished!
Check out Behind the scenes Screen Grabs HERE!

Check out all the scenes that didn't quite make the cut and check out the Cast & Crew.


The production is a 30 second advert shot for Supercheap Auto's Big Break Competition. We cannot release the Synopsis due to it being a competition, but we do have the progress of the production uploaded as it is being made here.

Current state of production:  COMPLETE

We had a great time making the commercial for the Big Break Competition and couldn't have done it without a fantastic cast and crew. So, as a dedication to them here are the clips that didn't quite make the cut.

Behind the scenes Pics & Screen Grabs

Sunny skies and red capes was scheduled on Friday 14th August. Here's a sneak peak behind the scnes of the shoot for the Supercheap Auto Commercial.


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