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When I was a kid, we had a Christmas family tradition where every few nights in December we would gather around the Christmas Tree and one of us would pick off a decoration and tell a story about it. 


There was something special about gathering around the tree together, with the lights flickering, listening. There was so much anticipation; which object would they choose and how would its story unravel. The most amazing thing was, no matter how many years we did it or how many times we picked the same object, no two stories were ever the same. Each story was unique and an insight into the storyteller. That tradition brought us closer together.

It wasn't until later, when I began creating films about people that I realised it wasn't so much the tradition that was bringing us together, but the act of storytelling.

 It's no secret that video is more engaging than text, but for a video to be successful, it must connect with its audience.

Despite what many social-media marketing agencies imply, it isn't about the number of videos you publish nor the frequency you publish them which increases engagement with people, rather it's about the reaction to the content of your video which determines its effectiveness. 

Story Videos are the most effective way to authentically generate organic engagement.



Storytelling is a fundamental part of communicating. For thousands of years it has been the primary way in which humans passed down knowledge, cultural traditions and is believed to be the basis of what brought us together. Today, scientific discoveries have found the reason storytelling is so powerful is because it taps into limbic system of the brain, where our emotions come from, and this is a fundamental part of building relationships.

When you are being told a story the brain fires all over the place and releases loads of chemicals. 



Dopamine is a chemical that is released when you hear a story and you become more focussed, motivated and have better memory recall. We become hyper-concentrated and immersed, filtering out any other noise or distractions.


When stories make us laugh, endorphins are released and we become more creative, focused and relaxed.


Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for empathy, which is released through character driven stories and helps us form trust and bonds with people. This is why stories play such an important part in human evolution; it allows us to build strong relationships and work towards common goals.


The thing is though, when it comes to talking about ourselves and our businesses, the majority of us don’t tell stories instead, we focus on facts and figures. Data speaks to our reasoning part of the brain, the frontal lobe, where our decision-making is based on information. The problem with this is; we aren’t actually connecting to people and we become another person / business competing for their money.

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that connects with people who share your values.


It can be quite daunting to think of your own journey and how that could translate into a compelling story, but believe it or not there hasn't been a single person we have met that hasn't got a story to tell. Everyone has a story and it's our job to discover it.

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