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We help you discover your story and

craft it into a cinematic film.

The Role of an Artist

The Role of an Artist


Since the dawn of human kind, I think we can safely say, when language was created, so were the stories and stories have transcended through ages as myths and legends bringing people together. And even if we think of this as ancient, stories still continue to draw us in present day with movies, books and even social media. And, I would argue is still the most powerful form of communication throughout history. But, why is this?

When I was a kid, we had a Christmas family tradition where every few nights in December we would gather around the Christmas Tree and we would take turns to pick off a decoration and then tell a story about it. 


I was always full anticipation; which object would be chosen and what would the story be about? The most amazing thing was though, no matter how many years we did it or how many times the same object was picked, no two stories were ever the same. Each story was unique and somehow each story left me feeling closer to my siblings.

It wasn't until later, when I began creating documentary films that I came to understand more about the power of storytelling and I realised it wasn't the tradition that was bringing us together, but it was the stories in which we shared.





It's no secret that video is more engaging than text, but for a video to be truly successful, it must connect with its audience.

Despite what many believe, you won't increase engagement with people by increasing the number of videos you publish nor the frequency at which you publish them, rather it's about building a connection with your audience. 

A story is the most effective way to connect with people and generate organic engagement.

  • What is Permaculture?
    Permaculture can be seen as the most sustainable design system in the world. “A sustainable system is any system that produces more energy than it does to produce and maintain it.” – Bill Mollison Permaculture is a creative design process that mimics the patterns and relationships found in nature and applies these concepts to all aspects of human habitation, from agriculture to ecological building, technology, health, education and economics. By mimicking the patterns in nature, we can create completely sustainable systems that not only benefits the environment, but benefits ‘us’ as people. Resources are respected and used in the most efficient and fair way that works within the laws of nature. This way of thinking about the world isn’t new. Indigenous people connected to the land, in this way, but what Permaculture does is it takes those core values and ethics of; Care of Earth, Care of People and Fair Share and brings them into the ideals of the modern world. As these ideas developed, thinking tools have been created, drawn from past cultures that lived sustainably and re-implemented through principles that allow wholisitic design that is universal to any system anywhere around the world to become sustainable. It’s an integrated way of thinking about nature that allows us to live completely sustainably. As an example when we look at a forest; a forest doesn’t require any external resources such as fertilisers, herbicides and water to thrive and yet, in modern agriculture we require all of these resources to grow food. So, if we want to grow as efficiently and abundantly as possible, why don’t we grow our food like a forest – So it becomes self sufficient, produces food and requires very little in put to thrive? "The techniques and strategies used vary widely depending on the location, climatic conditions and resources that are available, but the foundations to this wholistic approach remain constant. Permaculture helps you become more resilient in an era of change." - David Holmgren
  • What is the film about?
    What if the way to stop the destruction of the world isn’t so much about what we do, but more importantly, its how we think? Permaculture The Documentary is a 60 minute film that explores how a design system created by two Australians in the 1970's can hold the key for us all to live truly sustainably. ​ Uncovering the fundementals of all life on earth and what lead us to the unprecidented events that threaten our modern way of life; discover how Permaculture's approach to living and thinking not only has the ability to provide us with the tools to live sustainably, but can reconnect us to the things that are truly important in life. Inspired by the design system Permaculture, invented by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the late 1970’s, this film explores how we all hold the power to reshape our future. Told through a blend of inspiring narratives, this film is set to empower and motivate a new generation of thinkers to create the world they want to live in.
  • Why are we making this film?
    A few years ago we came up with the idea to make a film about Permauclture, because of so many of the problems we were facing with climate change left us feeling helpless. So many of the documentaries we watched talked about the problems, but left us without any real solutions for the future. This motivated us to make a film that would empower and inspire people and offer positive solutions that would work towards a sustainable future. This path ultimately lead us to Permaculture, where the idea of working with nature and designing it into our culture could create sustainable perminant culture - and this approach offered solutions to so many of the problems we were facing. We had a look around at what else was out there and were suprised to find that, although there were films about Permaculture, there were no films that indentified this idea of working with nature - so we decided to create a film that truelly captures the essense of Permaculture and reconnect people to nature. Filmmakers Craig Clitheroe and Geoffrey Clitheroe release their first video to crowdfund the documentary.
  • Why we need your support?
    When it comes to making a large film, a first impulse is to look for investment from the mainstream outlets; Netflix, Free to Air Networks, On-Domand and film distributors. The problem facing these avenues is that they all have contractual agreements where you sell the rights of the film. If you sold the rights to air on Netflix for instance, you would not be able to show the film anywhere else other than Netflix. Another problem that occurs is, once the rights are sold, the original concept of the film is often changed and moulded for sales and demographics. Distribution is about turning a profit, to appeal to a specific target audience and often at the expense of the film's original concept. So, to keep the concept of this film true, we figured the best way to keep full creative control is to fund it independantly. ​ We are serious about inspiring people to change the world and the importance of this film isn't about turning a profit, it's about giving people the freedom to have access to what Permaculture offers. A practical solution to the problems we face and to give people the freedom to create the world they want to live in. We have decided to make this film independently so that it has no limitations of where, what or how the film is distributed and to have complete creative control over the integrity of the project. This is why we need your support. We aren't going to lie, making a film is a very complex and often a mis-understood process. To give you an idea, 1 minute of an average docuemntary film will cost about $20,000. This excludes any distribution and advertising. But hey, this film isn't being funded for profit, so we have reduced the costs down to what it takes to make the best quality film we can make. Sure, we could reduce the budget to a $20,000 film, but it's important to onot only us, but for you, the audience, to also enjoy the film and make it not only a film with a message, but an inspiring experience and these things unfortunately don't come cheap. Music, editing and cinematogeprahy are the nuts and bolts of what bring a film to the next level and on a personal level, we don't want to stint on these things to just produce a film. We figure if we are going to do it, we have to do it once and do it right. So, we've worked out that if we can reach $100,000 AU we can achieve our goals and create a film that will be one of the most truly beautiful, inspiring and moving films that can really change the world for the better. If you'd like to help make this project, please donate - HERE Once we've raised enough funds to cover the cost to make the film, and created it, we plan to release this film free to stream online.
  • What you get in return?
    This film is about inspiring and empowering everyone to make meaningful changes where they live, by sharing real life stories of people who successfully made change in a variety walks of life. We believe it's everyday people who will make the biggest change, not governements and companies. By providing you with valuable concepts and tools to live sustainabily, will allow all of us the ability to make the difference, right now. There is a variety of donation tiers with rewards and bonuses that you will receive when you donate. If you donate to any tiers above the base, you will also receive everything in the previous tier. Tier 1: Under $15 All donations will receive the latest updates and news about the film via email notification. Tier 2: SEED SUPPORTER $15 Everyone who donates $15 or more, will receive a VIP invitation to the premiere of the film over a worldwide live stream when it is complete. Which means, you will be the first in the world to see the film. Tier 3: PERENNIAL SUPPORTER $30 Everyone who donates $30 or more will not only receive updates of the film and a VIP link to the Premiere, but also have your name inscribed in the credits as a supporter of the film. Tier 4: ETHICS SUPPORTER $50 Everyone who donates $50+ or more will not only have everything in the previous tiers, but also have access the exclusive bonus video content of the Permaculture Ethics: Care of Earth, Care of People and Fair Share. Tier 5: 6 PRINCIPLES SUPPORTER $100+ Everyone who donates $100 or more will not only have everything in the previous tiers, but also have exclusive access to the first 6 Permaculture Principles bonus videos. Tier 6: 12 PRINCIPLES SUPPORTER $200+ Everyone who donates $200 or more will not only have everything in the previous tiers, but also have exclusive access to all 12 Permaculture Principles bonus videos. Tier 7: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER $1000+ Everyone who donates $1,000 or more will not only have everything in the previous tiers, but also become a major financial contributor and earn film credits as an Executive Producer in the opening credits of the film. DONATE


Storytelling is a fundamental part of communicating. For thousands of years it has been the primary way in which humans passed down knowledge, cultural traditions and is believed to be the basis of what brought us together. Today, scientific discoveries have found the reason storytelling is so powerful is because it taps into limbic system of the brain, where our emotions come from, and this is a fundamental part of building relationships.

When you are being told a story the brain fires all over the place and releases loads of chemicals. 



Dopamine is a chemical that is released when you hear a story and you become more focussed, motivated and have better memory recall. We become hyper-concentrated and immersed, filtering out any other noise or distractions.


When stories make us laugh, endorphins are released and we become more creative, focused and relaxed.


Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for empathy, which is released through character driven stories and helps us form trust and bonds with people. This is why stories play such an important part in human evolution; it allows us to build strong relationships and work towards common goals.


The thing is though, when it comes to talking about ourselves and our businesses, the majority of us don’t tell stories instead, we focus on facts and figures. Data speaks to our reasoning part of the brain, the frontal lobe, where our decision-making is based on information. The problem with this is; we aren’t actually connecting to people and we become another person / business competing for their money.

Story Video Offer

We help you discover your 'why' and turn that into a cinematic story video
that connects with people who share your values.


Share your story with the world.


It can be quite daunting to think of your own journey and how that could translate into a compelling story, but believe it or not there hasn't been a single person we have met that hasn't got a story to tell. Everyone has a story and it's our job to discover it.

Get in touch and discover your story.

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