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The name Dogs Go Woof was inspired by a New Zealand comic book.

As a youngster, Craig was fascinated with stories and how they captured his imagination. Inspired by his mother's art, he realised drawing had the ability to tell stories and started looking at ways he could draw his own comics. The only comic book he could find was a comic book series called 'Footrot Flats' by Murray Ball, about a farm-dog called 'Dog' and his adventures in New Zealand. Being a dog, there wasn't much dialogue between characters and Craig was captivated by how well the emotions were captured through the character expressions and loved the idea of bringing drawings to life. At the end of each comic book, Dog would have a written monologue and would sign off with a paw print. As Craig developed his own style, he noticed that all cartoons had some kind of tagline or signature associated to their work and decided to create his own. The first thing that popped into his head was Dogs Go Woof. Boom! It was born, and has stuck ever since.


Dedicated to Murray Ball, Author & Artist of Footrotflats Cartoon.

Where did the name come from?

Meet The Team

Craig Clitheroe

Director | Producer | Cinematographer | Editor

Craig has always had a passion for filmmaking; creating stop animation videos, surf films, and parody videos- anything he could get a camera shooting. He has had a variety of industry experience; he studied a bachelor degree in Media Sound and Film, worked as a radio host and technician at 97.3 Coast FM and was a Senior Graphic Designer for Worldwide Printing. When he started DGW he created each production with the help of friends and relatives, working on each role in the process from start to end. Craig oversees creative roles in DGW as the head Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Editor and Motion Graphic Artist.

Regina Bochat

Communications | Editor Assistant

Regina is our communications manager and Editor Assistant. She helps DGW with the online and social media content as well as DGW's Editor Assistant. She is constantly looking at her phone... we mean, keeping you up to date with what we are up to. Get in touch with us on social media.


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