Dogs Go Woof Productions is an independent film production company founded in 2004 by Craig Clitheroe in Perth, Western Australia. 
With over a decade of experience in filmmaking and content creation, Craig's vision is to move, motivate and inspire people.
We are passionate about storytelling and create narrative films to captivate, inspire and empower people. 
On top of producing our own cinematic projects, Dogs Go Woof Productions collaborates with businesses and organisations to produce captivating video content that merges their vision with immersive storytelling.
We believe storytelling is the most powerful way to communicate, share and bring people together. 


"It is stories, rather than facts and pie-charts, that will animate us and bring us together."
- Alex Evans

What we do.

Films   |  Documentaries  |  Online Videos
We are passionate about storytelling.

Dogs Go Woof Productions specialises in producing inspirational narrative films, documentaries and videos; connecting and empowering people through the power of storytelling.


At the heart of what we do, we are cinematic storytellers, driven to create compelling stories that uniquely capture the ambitions and passions that drive people to inspire and empower.


Besides working on our own projects, we are passionate about helping businesses and organisations to share their vision and develop a transparent relationship with their clients through storytelling.


Stories not only have the power to connect with people, but are the most effective way to generate positive engagement; the most authentic way to communicate on the web.

Discover how your story can connect with people.


Why we do what we do.

We are about change.

When I began shooting films I commercially, I took anything and everything I could get my hands on; music videos, commercials and weddings. If it was video, I'd put my hand up! But over a few years, things started to change. I was still passionate about filmmaking, but I the excitement was fading. For some reason I wasn't proud of what I was making. As I reached my late 20's, all this pressure was building up of what defined success; buying a house, earning money and having more stuff. It didn't feel right. It seemed as though majority of the world valued money over the wellbeing of everything else at the cost of happiness and the natural environment. As someone who grewup surrounded by native bushland, I felt the need to do something different and searched for a way I could use my filmmaking skills to help the world in a positive way.

What inspired us?

(By Craig Clitheroe) It wasn't until I read a small article in a magazine called New Scientist, that I realised how important storytelling was. I was in a rental house and the previous tenant had a subscription to the magazine that was being delivered weekly. It was a good 'toilet-read', filled with the latest things in science and inventions around the world. But, in this one issue, I stumbled upon a small article about a book by Alex Evans called "The Myth Gap". At this time, Donald Trump had just gotten into power and England had voted in Brexit and it talked about how we had moved into an era of 'Post Truths' and people no longer care for facts and figures but are longing for stories or 'myths', as he called them. Alex was making a point, that this is how a president was voted in not for their qualifications and skills, but rather who told the better story in their election campaign. He saw storytelling as the missing link in the modern world, "It is stories, rather than facts and pie-charts, that will animate us and bring us together." - Alex Evans. "Bling" a light bulb went off. I realised all the problems of the world were battled and debated with facts and figures and the reason these weren't inspiring or motivating people was because there were no stories being told. So, I realised I can make stories through filmmaking and became the 'Myth Gap Maker', where I use storytelling to reconnect people and fill the gap.

Our values

  • Care of Environment

  • Care of People

  • Fair Share

  • Integrity

  • Empower

  • Inspire

  • Authenticity

we believe change comes from

inspiring people.

Be inspired.

By others and their stories

The name Dogs Go Woof was inspired by a New Zealand comic book.

As a youngster, Craig was fascinated with stories and how they captured his imagination. Inspired by his mother's art, he realised drawing had the ability to tell stories and started looking at ways he could draw his own comics. The only comic book he could find was a comic book series called 'Footrot Flats' by Murray Ball, about a farm-dog called 'Dog' and his adventures in New Zealand. Being a dog, there wasn't much dialogue between characters and Craig was captivated by how well the emotions were captured through the character expressions and loved the idea of bringing drawings to life. At the end of each comic book, Dog would have a written monologue and would sign off with a paw print. As Craig developed his own style, he noticed that all cartoons had some kind of tagline or signature associated to their work and decided to create his own. The first thing that popped into his head was Dogs Go Woof. Boom! It was born, and has stuck ever since.


Dedicated to Murray Ball, Author & Artist of Footrotflats Cartoon.

Where did the name come from?

Meet The Team


Craig Clitheroe

Producer | Director | Editor

Craig has always had a passion for creativity; he started with cartoons then found the video camera and began creating stop animation videos, surf films, parody videos and anything he could get his hands on. He has had a variety of industry experience; studying a Master's degree in Craft Editing, Bacheolr in Film and Media, worked as a radio host and technician at 97.3 Coast FM and was a Senior Graphic Designer for Worldwide Printing. Craig is the head Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Editor and Motion Graphic Artist at Dogs Go Woof Productions.

Regina Bochat

Assistant  Producer | Editor

Regina is a Producer Assistant and Editor Assistant. She is invaluable member of the team who makes sure deadlines and things run smoothly and is often transcribing interviews as they come in. She has first eyes on the edit and often dragged into the edit room for her first impressions. She brings her amazing organisation skills and persistence to the team to make our films sing.


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