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Aboriginal Artist Yondee, Shane Hansen shares his story of redicovering himself, his happiness and his culture.

Yondee's original artworks are inspired by stories passed down by his ancestors and his connection with nature.

If you wish to find out more about his paintings and would like to purchase them, contact Yondee below.



Yondee Teaser. Film out 2018!

Yondee Trailer


Yondee is a documentary film about Shane Hansen from the Nyoongar people of Perth Western Australia and his story of what drove him to leave his job and become an Aboriginal Artist.

Like most people out of school, Yondee was in search of making money; taking a high paying job in the mines where he worked weeks away at a time. As the years went by, the time away took it’s toll and his family started to fall apart. In a drastic last bid to save his family, he decides to leave his job and return home, looking to his cultural past for answers. What he discovers, has the power to bring us all back together. 

Behind the scenes

Geoff Sound Recording
Geoff, Yondee, Craig
Craig Shooting
Yondee Shane Hansen
Point walter
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