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Permaculture Update 2020

A new decade and a new chapter for the feature film Permaculture The Documentary. This year, I head to Tasmania, where the idea of Permaculture was conceived between Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, thanks to all the donors.

Tasmania shoot will take place in Autumn (March, April, May) and will complete the origin story.

As well as planning the trip to Tasmania, I've also been working on my own project o become more self sustainable. I've been learning so much and meeting so many inspiring people shooting the films, but in doing so I felt the need to start doing some things myself. So with the help of my partner, Regina Bochat and the local permie group, we regenerated a neglected veggie patch to see how successful it is to grow your own food from scratch, only using the natural resources found in nature. See how it all went in the video below.

The film still has many more scenes and stories to shoot before it is ready for the world and to help make that happen, we rely on your donations. With your help, we can hopefully finish shooting this year and have the film available in 2021. If you'd like to help, please donate and make this film free and possible around the globe.


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