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Permaculture Ethics Film Released!

Our Permaculture Ethics documentary releases today as well as our membership to Dogs Go Woof Productions and Permaculture The Documentary.

Permaculture Ethics is a 20 minute film part of the the bonus content being released alongside Permaculture The Documentary. Featuring David Holmgren and Nyoongar Yondee (Shane Hansen) this 20 minute film explores the three ethics at the core of Permaculture's design; Care of Earth, Care of People and Fair Share is shared by indigenous cultures connected to nature.

The film is only currently available as exclusive content to donors who have donated $50 or more to the film or it can be rented separately. All of the proceeds go towards making the feature length film Permaculture The Documentary. You can watch the film by either becoming a member by donating here.

Thanks to David Holmgren, Su Dennette and everyone at Melliodora. Special thanks to Yondee for sharing his culture and connection to Boodja. A big thank you to Noosa Forest Retreat for supporting us.

I hope you enjoy the film.


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