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Our New Series Premieres

You're invited to our live premiere of the release of our new series Home Grow'n.

Our brand new series Home Grow'n releases 21st January at 6pm AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) and we're going live!

That's right. To celebrate our newest episodic series, we will be also talking live to you via video to answer any questions you have and chat about what this series is all about. If you would like to tune in, make sure you schedule it into your calendar. Grab a ticket and set yourself a reminder HERE.

It's been a long time coming, lots of things have been happening behind the scenes here at Dogs Go Woof Productions. At the end of August in 2021, the uncertainty of Covid pushed rental prices up here in Western Australia and we had to make a decision; to either move into another rental property or put down a deposit and buy our first home. So, Reggie and I took the plunge and brought our first home and have been transforming it into our own Permaculture Paradise; with a future food forest, chicken run and with plans to create our own electricity and capture water. It's ambitious, but we are really excited.

This is our first episode about our story to kickstart the beginning of this epic adventure. We plan to make this an ongoing series with episodes dropping monthly to not only document things as they grow and progress, but hopefully inspire others to make positive changes in their own homes. We can't wait to release this series and hope you can make the live premiere.

Thanks for reading and let's get Home Grow'n!

- Craig Clitheroe


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