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Driven by Art: short Doco releases

G'day. A few weeks back I was teasing a shoot I was doing with my amazing Artist sister, Tiffany Clitheroe and finally you can watch the new doco!

This short video delves into what drives Tiff to create these amazing pieces of art throughout WA. If you happened to miss our shoot, you can check out the behind the behind the scenes at our previous blog post here.

It was such treat to watch a talented Artist do her magic. It was the first time I actually watched the process of a mural from the very start to finish and it was even better to be able to sit down and have a such a great chat with my sister, Tiff.

As kids, we were close and I guess as you grow up and responsibilities dominate your life, I didn't really realise how little I knew about Tiff at this point in time. I mean I knew she loved art and that it was something that really meant a lot to her, but I never really considered why or what drove her.

And something I found really fascinating is all Art really is, is all about feeling. Even as a filmmaker I can relate, as the whole concept is driven from feeling. When I make decisions to make a cut, it basically comes down to: does this feel right. And, this is very much Tiff's philosophy of finding her subjects. I really loved that and it was such a joy to be able to work on a project that we could collaborate on.

So, I won't keep you any longer, here is the film.

If you would like to check out more of Tiff's art or would like to have some her hand crafted art of your own, get in touch with Tiff

Now, this isn't the only video of Tiff I'm working on. If you remembered from my last post, I scratched the surface of Tiff actually painting three large murals from start to finish. Of course, as a promotional video, that would be crazy to try squeeze into a 3 minute video. So instead, I am working on a longer film with Tiff that shares her journey of creating these beautiful pieces and what life is really like for an Artist. It's going to be great and I can't wait to share more, so stay tuned!

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This is a really beautiful video! Tiffany is incredibly talented 💕

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