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Episode 12: Our First Homegrown Mango

It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry for the delay. With summer and holidays jamming into my free-time, I found my time to edit and post slip away as the end of 2022 approached. Now, it's January! How time has flown and the garden grown!

Looking at the hours and hours of footage of Home Grown, I suddenly came to realisation that it's actually been a whole year between posting and shooting! This episode was shot back in January 2022 and it's January 2023. You might be asking, but why and how? Well, simply I have prioritised many things ahead of editing. Not because I necessarily wanted to, but because things needed my attention. By now, the garden has changed significantly since this video and as such, needed my attention going into the hotter months.

I've been busy harvesting, gathering and also indulging in some leisure time - to soak in all the greatness that has taken place from Home Grown over the last year. Some much deserved time off to observe it all and be present in my little sanctuary, here in suburbia. So, sorry if you have been eagerly awaiting an episode without any news. But, don't worry, there is plenty footage sitting ready to be edited and with some great additions to be shared. These are just a little slower to get going as I've also been invited to shoot and produce other documentary projects as well as build the garden - so, Home Grow'n is coming, but just in tree-time (You know, slow growing but grand!).

In all the chaos of summer and the Noongar indigenous season of Bunuru season approaching, I forgot to post the latest video, so you may have missed this mini-episode of our First Home Grown Mango.

So without further chat, here is the Mango Episode. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did eating the tasty summer treat!

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Looking forward to seeing what happen in the garden in 2022!

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