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Episode 10 Home Grow'n Releases

It was fantastic to launch episode 10 with Permaculture West last Sunday. There were really a great bunch of inspiring Permies here in Western Australia. If you're one of them reading this, thank you for hosting this event!

If you missed the launch of episode 10 of Home Grow'n last Sunday, don't worry. It goes live across the globe this Friday 5:30pm AWST.

You can be first to watch it as it Premieres and I (Craig), will be on the Live Chat if you have any questions.

In episode 10, we take a look back at when we started with a prickle ridden backyard, to how things have progressed 4 months on as we retrofitted the backyard. You'll find out whats growing and if we managed to keep the Double Gees at bay.

Join up at out event to make sure you don't miss it. And let's get Home Grow'n!


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