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2022, Permaculture Ethics film now available to members

Welcome to the new year! It's 2022.

Wow, the last few years have been quite a whirlwind. Covid19 has well and truly swept across the globe and seems to be forever evolving and changing. And with every new variant that pops up, even more uncertainty comes not only for humanity, but also how we will complete this much needed film (Permaculture The Documentary). But, there is something special that comes from another trip around the sun. Much like when the seasons change, you can sense change in the air and there is calming in a new beginning.

It's funny sometimes how these things work. How the patterns in nature also reflect our own lives. As if the same forces that balance the universe are also working in our deeper consciousnesses too, trying to reach equilibriums whether we are aware of it or not.

For instance, filming for the documentary has been challenging since the disruption from the Covid outbreak and it has been a huge disappointment to not be able to continue shooting.

I am sure if there was no virus, we would have had everything shot by now, but in a strange way, it's given me much more deeper connection to understanding nature and a drive to live sustainably as we too have had to evolve and change how we do things; like, not flying around the country to shoot, using tonnes of fossil fuels. Instead, we are now looking local, and are planning to continue shooting using local film companies, reducing those production miles.

My partner and I have even been planning for the future ourselves, by starting our own Permaculture garden; buying our forever home to becoming more resilient (Which, I am happy to announce we will also be sharing this year as a new series).

So, you see. In a way, those same forces that balance the universe, also seem to be bound with our own paths and where there is dark there is always light. There really is so much we can learn from observing these patterns. So, to help others through these darker times, I am releasing the Permaculture Ethics film to all members to rent, and hear from Yondee, an Indigenous Australian and David Holmgren, Co-originator of Permaculture to understand why Mother Nature is at the core of sustainability and why Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share \ became the foundations of the Permaculture ethics.

To watch the film, simply sign up as a member and we ask a small donation of $5 to help us continue to make independent films and continue to create Permaculture The Documentary.

I hope you enjoy the film.


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