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Witchcliffe Ecovillage a sustainable future!

Our latest project over the last few months has been documenting an exciting new venture right on our door step in South West of Western Australia, the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. "This is an ecovillage that in many ways could be a world first in terms of living sustainably," Project Developer Mike Hulme.

Witchcliffe Town 9 kilometers south of Margret River

Witchcliffe is a small village east of Margret river 300kms south of Perth, WA.

Mike Hulme is the brains behind this innovative project and has come up with a way that he believes could allow us to live sustainably.

The village is planned to be completely self sustainable, providing it's own water, energy and food.

The most challenging system is the water says Mike,

"We are using natural dams already on the property and capturing runoff from rain that would normally go into pipes and out to the ocean. It's such a huge un-untilised resource and that's what this village is doing; maximising resources that are already available."

Mike Hulme with his cows on the Ecovillage property.

The project has already passed it's approval stage and Mike hopes to start construction in early 2018.

Many people have already registered their interest to live in the village with over 300 applications submitted on their website.

In collaboration with Mike, Dogs Go Woof Productions is working on a concept to share his project and story with the world.

Mike has dreamt of creating a sustainable village ever since he discovered Permaculture through Bill Mollison years ago.

With over 9 years of planning and developing the concept, Mike now feels the time is finally right to introduce people to a complete sustainable way of living.

"It's an ambitious journey and we are really excited to finally be able to provide people with a concept that could really help us live a more sustainable future," Mike Hulme.

If you'd like to register or find out more about the Witchcliffe Ecovillage go to the website: Witchcliffe Ecovillage.

Be sure to check back soon, in the mean time please follow and share Permaculture the Documentary project to help support the film and show the world we can live sustainably.


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