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Young Perth Couple Thrive During Supply Shortages


Perth, Western Australia – 7th FEBRUARY 2022 – Young Perth couple, Craig Clitheroe and Regina Bochat are inspiring others to become self-sufficient by creating a web-series about turning their suburban backyard into a food-forest, as supply chains break down across the country.

Since purchasing their first home in July 2021 the young couple have been documenting the transformation of their garden in a web series called “Home Grow’n” created by Mr. Clitheroe’s film production company, Dogs Go Woof Productions, which debuted on 21st January, 2022. The series documents their journey as they turn a weed-ridden backyard into an edible food-forest with the goal to grow its own food, produces its own energy and capture water.

“We started with nothing but weeds and Double Gee’s, which we didn’t expect, but now it’s on its way to becoming an edible food forest. Although that’s been challenging, what it showed us is, even if you have really poor soil, it’s possible to grow an abundance of food.” said Mr. Clitheroe. The couple first started growing their own fruit and veg when supply chains became disrupted at the start of COVID in March 2021, leaving them feeling vulnerable.

“We didn’t know where we were going to get our food or provide for our basic needs, and it made us realise how dependent we were and there was more we could do at home,” Said Mr. Clitheroe. Regina Bochat said growing their own food has been very rewarding during the pandemic. “It’s about having that sense of security,” Ms Bochat said. “Not having to rely on the shops as much has been such a big relief from the anxiety COVID gave us when the shelves went bare, and now with the weather and transport disruptions, even more so.”

Craig and Regina became inspired to live sustainability when Craig was shooting a documentary about Permaculture and created the series to inspire others about what they learnt.

“The really great thing about Permaculture is it’s about working with nature instead of against it. So, for example to get rid of the prickles, instead of spraying everything, we can mimic nature and improve the soil, because weeds don’t grow in rich soil. So, it’s about observing nature to find solutions. That’s what the series is about.”

This series gives the tools, knowledge and confidence to people who have little gardening experience, to be able to grow their own food, help reduce anxiety that comes from the uncertainty of the future, and become empowered to do it themselves in their own backyards.

The series is available on Dogs Go Woof Productions website


Password: homegrownmedia

CONTACT: Craig Clitheroe 0432 278 865


Home Grown 001 - Media Release
Download PDF • 895KB

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