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Alan Watts: What is nature?

After weeks of filming and editing for Permaculture The Documentary, I woke yesterday and was feeling a need to recharge the creative batteries and put together a video that was inspired by Alan Watts.

It was a rare morning, calm and peaceful as fog filled the property muffling the morning traffic. These rarities of nature were intriguing to me. They seemed to draw me in and stop time, as if it was all orchestrated. So, I dived in and took an opportunity to try capture this and grabbed my camera and the dog and we went around the block.

There was something about the dew and the sunlight that seemed to bring out all the subtleties that you'd otherwise not notice. Spider webs illuminated in the sunlight and the mist was billowing as if the earth was breathing. Even though I had never really heard, nor known much about the philosopher Alan Watts, I had heard his voice somewhere and a connection formed in my mind. His philosophy related directly to Permaculture and was a perfect way to describe nature through our perception. So, when I got back home, I sat down and started pulling his quotes together to see what he had said.

This is that video.


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